Professional Strength Grout Sealer

Not all grout sealers are created equal. Our Professional Strength Grout Sealer will out perform any other sealer on the market today.     1 Quart will cover up to 600 sq. ft. of tile & grout.

As we have mentioned before, grout is a porous surface.We strongly suggest the application of a grout sealer to keep spills dirt and most importantly, mop water from soaking into it. Ironically, we have found that the more you clean the floor, the dirtier it gets, if not properly sealed!!! The biggest misconception that we encounter, is that you have to get on your hands and knees to paint the sealer onto the grout joints, making sure to not get any on the tile. This is just not true! GROUT SEALER can be liberally applied to grout lines with a short bristled brush. We actually use a brush taped to a broom stick!! The Excess GROUT SEALER is then mopped from the surface of the tile.

Pour GROUT SEALER into any clean container. Then take your brush that is provided with your GROUT SEALER and apply the GROUT SEALER liberally to grout joints. Work an area approximately 6 foot by 6 foot at a time. After approximately 5 minutes, use a slightly damp mop and wipe diagonally across the grout lines to remove excess GROUT SEALER from tile. Repeat until the process is done. Our professional strength GROUT SEALER fully cures within 2 to 3 hours.