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Without getting on your hands and knees

The Best Grout Cleaner Money Can Buy

  • GROUT-EEZ allows you to clean your floor and shower tile and grout without getting on your hands and knees
  • Safe to use on both white and colored grout
  • Just apply GROUT-EEZ to the grout lines allow it to dwell for 5-10 minutes aggitate and mop clean
  • GUARANTEED to work or your money back

How To Clean Grout In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most difficult room in your home to get the grout clean in. Cleaning tile grout in the kitchen requires cutting through grease, removing stains from spills and getting up dirt that was brought in from the outside. GROUT-EEZ accomplishes all of this and more in 1 easy step GUARANTEED!

Cleaning Tile Grout In Your Bathroom

Most people struggle with cleaning the tile grout in their bathroom because their grout cleaner won’t cut through the hair spray, makeup and even urine that is staining their grout. Well worry no more.     GROUT-EEZ grout cleaner has been designed to cut through all of these problems and more even more and all without getting on your hands and knees to do it.

Tile and Grout products and kits to make your life easier


You get a FREE stand up grout brush when you purchase 2 bottles of GROUT-EEZ You save $14.95

Cleaning and Sealing Kits

We have packaged our grout cleaner, grout sealer, maintenance cleaner and a grout brush in kits to save you money.

Grout Sealer

We sell the finest grout sealer on the market today. It protects against both oil and water based stains, plus it’s extremly easy to apply.

Tile and Grout Brushes

We offer brushes to clean both the grout and tile. Any standard broom pole will attach to them. They both have the perfect bristles to clean without scratching the tile.

GROUT-EEZ is the best grout cleaner I have ever used

GROUT-EEZ is the best grout cleaner I have ever used.I have tried every product I could find and nothing ever cleaned my grout like your product did. Thank you !!

Stephanie Wilson