SEAL-EEZ Granite & Stone Counter Top Sealer

$24.95 $19.95


EASY TO USE: Spray on your countertop and with a microfiber towel or cloth spread evenly over the entire surface! Wait a minute or two and wipe up the excess sealer. It’s as EASY as that.

PROTECTOR: Protects against all water & oil based stains. Also will allow you to easily clean all types of foods, grease, wine, coffee stains, & soap scum!

SAFE FOR ALL FOOD SURFACES: After it dries it is safe to set food on for your food prep!

LASTS LONGEST: Lasts longest amount of time possible when used with SHINE-EEZ which is our cleaner and polish for granite, marble, & quartz countertops & vanities. We recommend you reseal your countertops annually!

MADE IN THE USA: The Floor guys products are all manufactured in the USA & offer a 100% money back satisfaction Guarantee


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